JUDO ERP SOLUTION is a vital software for the business of retail, wholesale distribution, warehouse management, account & finance, and human resource management sectors.

In production, distribution and sale businesses, the entrepreneur had to face the following situations:

1. When demand increases, it needs to know to estimate the needs and shortage of raw materials.
2. Processing the current raw materials to finished goods, it needs to know what stage they are at present time.
3. When moving the finished goods to relevant warehouses, it is difficult to know receive, issue, loss, damage and found status on time simultaneously.
4. For distribution of goods from warehouse to different locations, it needs to know where are they present and what is the status of goods are.
5. Goods sold to customer at different locations by cash down, on credit and on consignment, need to know simultaneously by head office and also it needs to know sale return and change of goods.​

JUDO ERP Solutions developed by Cyber King Co., Ltd. is a cloud-based system developed by native programming language and can be used with both web and mobile views. Devices used in this system are such as barcode, invoice printer, are wireless, wired and portable.

JUDO ERP Solutions can calculate the raw material needs according to the demand and can prepare important raw material needs before shortage in advance.

By this task, it can be a supporting goods productions. Moreover, the system can also show where the goods are at which level the goods are. The system can perform the tasks simultaneously for the transfer of finished goods to warehouse, insert new stocks, record and view the damaged, loss stocks and find new stock.​

The system can also perform the transfer of goods from one country to others. Then stock can be sold directly from local locations to international by using mobile devices. Received orders, handle consignment, perform credit sales, cash down sales and sale return, print out of invoices and delivery notes can be done real-time. Hence, JUDO ERP Solutions is a software (technical product) that support each and every business sectors to run their operations smoothly, effectively and efficiently.


Customers who purchase the JUDO’s product would be using the latest cloud technology and can do their business connected anytime, anywhere. Moreover, customers are use easily and simultaneously from their laptops, mobile phones and desktops device which can get internet access.


Distribution Management System

It is a software module that can support customers to make orders from anywhere, anytime rapidly and accurately.

Warehouse Management System

This is the software module for warehouses to help out the complexity of recording the product items, the receipts and issues of the product items, talking stock balance and storage.

Product Management System

Product Management System is a software function that provides step by step control of operations In the manufacturing sector and facilitates the implementation of processes.


This module can help and facilitate the retail sales, recording stock balance and other required stock items from head office which are related to sales.

Ecommerce System

It is a software module that supports; browsing information of a variety of products on it own website and can sell rapidly, payments are done immediately attached with the JUDO Pay system, and attaching with single or multiple suppliers, can develop its own platform.​


This is a software module that provides to perform rapidly and accurately the important and complex accounts of businesses such as cash flows, trading, profit or loss accounts, balance sheet, and income/ expenditure accounts.

Food and Beverage

It is a system that can support the relevant activities to be done easily and smoothly for the food and beverage sector.

Supply Chain Management System

This software module helps to handle shortages and the purchasing of raw materials for smooth production processes and warehousing.

Point of Sale

This module can help and facilitate the retail sales, recording stock balance and order required stock items from head office which are related to sales.


JUDO SME ERP(Cloud Based ERP System) is specially built for small and medium enterprises in Myanmar designed to be easy and convenient to use.



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