Launching schedule

In October 2017, we were able to establish the launching ceremony of Distribution Management System- DMS at Yangon. After a few months later, we were able to launch the Warehouse Management System- WMS. In 2018, the integration of the said two systems is launched and able to show the usefulness for enterprise. In this year, we are able to develop the Point of Sale System- POS. 

In February 2019, JUDO product show was held by Cyber King Co., Ltd. And give presents to our customers who are the user of JUDO products. At national level, Mekong-Japan product show held on 14th August,2019, we had a chance to participate and able to show JUDO products and able to sell the integration of food industry and non-food industry of DMS, WMS and POS systems. In September and October of this year, will be participating in the MSMEs product shows held by Ministry of Industry. 



Online Training System

This module is to support the best service for training tutorial with video streaming and for training centers.


Point of sale

This module can help and facilitate the retail sales, recording stock balance and order required stock item from head office which are related to sales.



It is a software module that supports; browsing information of variety of products on its own website and can sell rapidly, payments are done immediately attached with JUDO Pay system, and attaching with single or multiple suppliers, can develop its own platform


ecommerce system

This software module is to faciliate the payments of businesses related on trades with the card systems such as MPU, VISA, MASTER, JCB and Union Pay. And Alse support the invoice financing which pays the debt by bank loan.


warehouse management system

This software module helps to handle shortages and purchasing of raw materials for smooth production process and warehousing.



This is a software module for warehouses to help out the complexity of recording the product items, the receipts and issues of the product items, taking stock balance and shortages.


supply change management system

This is a software module that provides to perform rapidly and accurately the important and complex accounts of businesses such as cash flows, trading, profit or loss accounts, balance sheet, and income/expenditure aoounts.


distribution management system

It is a software module that can support customers to make orders from anywhere, anytime rapidly and accurately.

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