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Success Story, 2019

JUDO ERP Solutions has become a successful business in 2019. We are now listed top 40 software companies in ASEAN countries. And according to CB Bank research, we are listed one of the top 3 Myanmar successful businesses in 2019. Cooperating with THE IRRAWADDY Media, CB bank had a video shooting at the JUDO office for JUDO success story, 2019. During this shooting, Mr. Richard See, Chief Marketing Officer of CB Bank, came to our office and gave appreciation on our business as a potential business of Myanmar.

The Irrawaddy media Interviewed with CEO, JUDO ERP Solutions how the business was founded and the process for over a decade. Besides, they continued interviewing about the software development sector in the market and cooperation with CB Bank.

CEO of JUDO ERP Solutions explains about business process and shows the software industry process for ERP software. Continuously the CEO had meeting with JUDO team members discussing upcoming new module of ERP software development for 15 minutes. The meeting was shot by The Irrawaddy Media as a video record.